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Cla-Val Series 580 Silent Wafer Check Valve, фото 2

Cla-Val Series 580 Silent Wafer Check Valve

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The Cla-Val Series 580 Silent Wafer Check Valve has a spring-loaded poppet that allows the valve to close before flow reversal occurs, resulting in a silent, non-slam closure. It is a truly silent check valve. For ease of installation, the valve can be installed in vertical or horizontal positions with flow up or flow down. The short lay length of the valve allows for a spacesaving design. Silent Wafer Check Valves are available in sizes 1” to 10”, with either a 125/150# or 250/300# pressure class rating.

Constructed of an epoxy coated ductile iron body with stainless steel trim, the Cla-Val Silent Wafer Check Valve offers watertight shutoff with metal-to-metal seating. For special applications, Buna-N® resilient seats are available as options. All materials conform to ASTM specifications, ensuring long lasting reliable performance. As a confirmation of Cla-Val’s commitment to quality, all Series 580 125/250# class valves are Factory Mutual approved except those supplied with Buna-N® resilient seats.

Производитель  Cla-Val
Страна производительШвейцария
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